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Client Testimonials

"With her extensive background in sales, Anne helped me to think "outside the box" in terms of strategizing to increase my book of business. I would highly recommend her services."                                     Stephen Foster

"Anne's knowledge of sales, relationship building and organizational dynamics allowed me to have open and frank conversations about my business weaknesses while she identified and suggested paths to improvement. Her guidance was applicable, beneficial and well laid out."

Caleb Mann, Mann Agency of
Farmers Insurance

Shared about the Professional Portfolio workshop: "Tips about what to include in the book and how to collect & keep track of that info. Helping me feel okay about touting my accomplishments."

Meg Smith, MKB Realtors

Shared about the Professional Portfolio workshop: "Taking Anne Millehan’s Professional Portfolio Workshop was one of the best decisions of my career.  She has a great talent for active listening and personal mentorship and I truly learned a lot from her guidance.  By following her tips and guidelines, I was able to put together a portfolio that outlined the best of my career accomplishments in a way that is fun and truly informative.  I found this workshop extremely helpful and it was very cathartic to see all of my experiences and achievements condensed into an effective presentation I created with my own hands.  I strongly recommend this workshop and any other career guidance Anne has to offer.  She is a true professional and an amazing coach with a wealth of experience and knowledge to share."

Daniel Flad, Blue Ridge Beverage

"The greatest result for me has been the increase in my confidence when talking to potential new clients about what The Roanoker has to offer." Shiree Carr, Sales Manager, The Roanoker Magazine

“When I needed advice, Millehan Coaching & Consulting, Inc. was there to guide me through every step of the decision-making process. With Anne's help, I am prepared for the next steps that I need to move forward in my career .”


"The best form of targeted marketing spending for an office practice"                 Dr. Thomas Fame, Fame Allergy and Asthma  

"Anne, I have had the pleasure of seeing you speak before a group, attending your seminars and being a private coaching client. You are completely supportive, meet your clients where they are and have the right expertise, organization and delivery to give them what they need to help them take their business to the next level. I'm so thankful for you!"

Patrice Freeland, Wonderful Lands of Oils

“I teach Principles of Leadership at Roanoke College and we were fortunate to enjoy an excellent presentation by Anne (or Ms Millehan, whichever you would prefer I call you may be quoted).  It was a great opportunity for our students to connect the dots from the textbook theories of leadership with those presented by Anne from her real-life experiences.  The students were fully engaged for the entire hour and several mentioned afterward that it ranked amongst their best speaker experiences while in college.  Anne’s well-developed ability to explain complicated issues of leadership, simply and in a manner that enhances understanding and leads to better decision-making, was evident from the discussion.  We are so thankful she shared her time with us and we hope to have her back on campus as soon as possible!” 

Steve Baker, Director-Center for Leadership & Entrepreneurial Innovation

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