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Mentor/Protégé Program

Talent development can be difficult when there are a variety of skill sets within an organization. The Mentor/Protégé Program was designed to provide an opportunity for each team member to learn additional skills, strengthen current skill sets and create connections with others. With this initiative you'll also:

·         Improve company culture

·         Foster inclusion of less experienced workers 

·         More effectively recruit, retain and develop employees

·         Recognize learning opportunities and implement smart solutions

·         Build the company's goals and objectives into the program design

In every workforce, you'll find people who perform at different levels. A certain percentage will be your high performers. These are the people in your organization who make you smile, provided their work style doesn't alienate others. Most will simply meet expectations. These are people who could be encouraged by your superstars to step it up a notch. Then, you have your underperforming staffers. Some just need a little guidance and encouragement to make big steps toward improvement.  

Smart company leaders adopt creative strategies to leverage their workforce to lift everyone to new heights. That's what the Mentor/Protégé program was designed to do. We'll help you pair employees to bring the entire organization to a place that achieves company goals faster and better. This proprietary concept is available to all Millehan Coaching & Consulting clients seeking better returns. 

The Mentor/Protégé program has been proven successful in Fortune 500 company settings yet can be adapted and customized for even small businesses and not-for-profits.

To learn more about how we can help you build a customized Mentor/Protégé program for your company all you need to do is ask. Let's connect for a free 1-hour consultation to determine if this might be a good solution for the challenges you're facing. 

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