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Anne Millehan, Certified Coach and Business Consultant

Coaching and consulting are common terms these days, but there's nothing common about how the right fit could launch you or your business to achievements beyond what you imagined. 

You should be particular about who you engage in such roles. I'm careful too-if we're not a good fit I'll refer you to another more suited for your particular needs. If you want to increase sales performance, get more innovative about how you do business, or launch a leadership development program that gets your team excited to give and do more for you, though, I'm someone you'll want to talk to.

Millehan Coaching & Consulting, Inc. specializes in providing business owners, leaders and motivated executives with what they need to succeed. If you're looking for a Certified Coach resource dedicated to helping you focus on what's most important to get you to that next level of achievement, give me a call at (540) 797-9981. I'll spend an hour with you at no charge to explore the possibilities and determine if I'm the best resource for what you're trying to achieve.

Anne Millehan, CTA, Certified Coach

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Teaming Up for Success

Are you looking for a coach or consultant who nods and smiles or one who will push you to get out of your comfort zone to guide you toward greater results? If the latter is the case, my goal is to provide you with the tools, guidance and support necessary to make you more competitive in the marketplace. You provide the issues and instincts and I'll help you sort through the clutter in your brain or organization to put you on a quicker path toward where you want to go. 

Services are focused on achievement-oriented individuals and businesses owners or executives seeking better results from their teams. Want to get serious about doing more in less time? Let's talk. 

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