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Creating Your Professional Bio!!

Do you have a professional bio? Why should you have a bio? What is the main content you need to have in your bio?

Why yes, you do need a bio! It is how your peers; industry partners and those you network with can understand who you are and what you do. I have listed the main components of what to include in your bio.

  • First, your bio needs to be in third person (She or He)

  • Share who you are, so the reader knows who the bio is about

  • Share what you do, should be the second part of your bio. Share the industry you are in without giving too much information on the company or organization

  • Share where you have worked and your current position with information on your professional experience

  • Share why others should consider you a resource, listing your awards, presentations, professional memberships etc.

  • Finally add your contact information

  • You can even include a photo of yourself, links to your business or *employer (*check with them to see if they are okay with adding the link)

Be sure to update your bio regularly as things change or you need to add additional information or successes. Finally, make this an opportunity to share the best version of you!

A version of this article first appeared on Prof Krg.